Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Last Game at Shea Stadium

Sept 28, 2008, Sunday. The last day of the Shea Stadium - the home stadium of New York Met baseball team.

Monday, September 29, 2008

A more human show - Geova

Numbers of fashion designers are benefit from the twice of year New York Fashion week to promote and showcase their collections for the new seasons. The fashion writers, the celebrities, the fashion analysts and the medias are invited to view the off site shows in the different venues around the city than Bryant Park and other major showrooms. Geova Rodrigues's show produced by Blablablanyc.com was at Meoller Snow Gallery in NoHo, New York City.

I arrived at the gallery to attend the show right after Abaete at Bryant Park in a heavy rain. The gallery's basement was turned to the backstage for the young models and the dressers. Even without that many medias or photographers, the basement still appeared crowded. At one point, one young lady grabbed my fashion week credential and tried to find out if this show was listed in the official schedule. She was very much disappointed. Suddenly I felt so sad as the exciting atmosphere in the room didn’t change at all. Eventually, the show was very well presented to the crowd. However, looking at that now-happy young lady, I kept thinking if it is necessary for her and friends to make the main street from here. Maybe being here, they would be happier, more original and more human, yet just in the different type of glamour.

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